Coffee Carts

As part of Red Hill Roast we supply coffee carts at a number of markets and events throughout the year.
We use the coffee we roast through our grinders/machines at these events.

The following is a list of markets and events we attend regularly


Craft Markets Australia

Red Hill
Yarra Glen

Emu Pains Market


Red Hill Show

Annual event

Mornington Peninsula Vignerons

Winter Wine Walk Red Hill
Piers and Pinots
Winter Wine Festival Red Hill


coffee carts mornington peninsula

Cart Description and Capacity

  • Stainless steel cart on wheels 2800mm long by 1000mm deep
  • 5 metre wide by 3 metre deep professional marquee with signage
  • 2 commercial 2 group (1 large and 1 compact) espresso machines
  • Hand washing and dishwashing facilities with hot water service
  • 3-4 experienced staff per cart
  • Capacity to turn over 10 kilos of coffee in 4-5 hours. Approximately 1000 shots of coffee or 500 cups (average based on 2 shots 12 oz cup)
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • Registered with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council
  • Statement of Trade will be applied for at the time of approval
  • 2 X 15 amp outlets required