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Old traditions – great taste

We stay true to our award winning blends created by the original owners of Red Hill Roast, but we are always testing and trying new blends to help us move forward as specialist roasters and for the enjoyment of our loyal customers!


We only use the highest quality produce from reputable suppliers. There is no substitute for fresh roasted Arabica coffee!

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Roasting is conducted on our Peninsula based property. Only purpose built industrial coffee roasters are utilised to produce the best coffee possible. We roast to order and as such our coffee is approximately 2 -5 days old when received by our customers.

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Delivery and mailing is completed each Friday, unless special circumstances exist. We offer Mornington Peninsula based customers free delivery.

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Try our awesome coffee

It’s simple, just contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. As we are not a large company that has a huge budget for advertising, we rely on word of mouth by loyal customers that love our coffee and service.